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Massage is defined by Webster’s as                                    
manipulation of tissues (as by rubbing,                                      
kneading or tapping) with the hand or an           
instrument for therapeutic purposes.    
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Massage is very intuitive.  
When you bu
mp your knee or stub                                           relax...    
your toe, you instinctively begin to                                                      
rub or massage it.  So, it might be                                       
 that massage is as old as man-kind.                 rejuvenate...
As one of the oldest healing arts, the first                     
documented records date back 3,000 years                  recuperate!
to China.  In Hippocrates’ writings, he
recommended the use of rubbing and friction
for joint and circulatory problems.  

As our every-day life has evolved, the various
massage techniques we use today have proven
to be beneficial for stress, fatigue, joint flexibility,        
expectant mothers, low back pain, circulation,
migraine pain, and more.







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